Today, we begin a series titled “What type of runner are you?” We shall analize diffent types of runners. Today, the runner that we are profiling is the M.E.A.T. runner.

M.E.A.T. stands for Means To An End. Some dyslexic runners may have read it as M.T.A.E., but they would have read it incorrectly.

The M.E.A.T. runner is the person who thinks they are fat/overweight and wants to drop 5, 10, maybe even 25 pounds. So they run, sometimes at the gym on the treadmill, sometimes around the neighborhood, but usually never enough to get back into a size 16 dress or a pair of jeans with a 44 inch waist.

They don’t like running, they think it hurts and isn’t very fun, however, they want to lose weight so they give it a shot (usually in newly purchased matching running clothes, which if they hit their goal, they will have to buy new, smaller clothes in a few months.)

Another thing about them is that they will never lose the weight from running because they don’t like doing it enough to stick with a plan long term and even if they obtain minor progress, they will puff back to their old size, because they will quit running. You burn about 100 calories per mile of running, and these runners reward themselves with a 500 calorie dessert for a 3 mile run.

If you are M.E.A.T. runner, have hope, for if you start to enjoy running, you can release yourself from this category.

Up next: I have no idea, I am making these up as I go along.


Asics or Nike (or Mizuno or Brooks)?

Vaseline or Body Glide?

Gu or Clif Shots?

band aids or medical tape?

Fuelbelt or Amphipod?

Chicago or New York Marathon?

The choices…they are endless